August 2017 News

​​​​Next Meeting: Monday September 18th 7:30 p.m. - "Conneaut Aviation History"
"Conneaut Lake Aviation History" with Greg Hindle and Sandy Porter as speakers.  Program is open to the public, free of charge. It is at Station Five, Conneaut Lake Park Fire Hall, which is smoke-free and handicapped accessible. 

Paddlefest Successful

Our second annual Conneaut Lake Paddlefest was a great success with lots of fun and excitement and thanks to our sponsors, a great financial success as well. We had more than 50 racers registered with all but a few who canceled because of illness who raced. We got the times of most of them, but missed a few. We apologize for that.

We had racers from the tri-state area and were excited to see how far many came to participate.
Greg Clarke was overall winner with a time of 24 minutes, 34 seconds. Other racers and their times were as follows:

William Smith, 26:26; Brian Shoemaker, 29:20; Ryan Ball, 33:47; Nicholas Novosel, 34:00; Duane Koller, 34:08; Ryan Dunbar, 34:20; Adam Swarts, 34:23; Karen Styborski, 36:15; Nolan Schepner, 36:25; Mike Moran, 37:23; Johanna Sholder, 37:30; Jessie Nye, 37:40; Amy Litwiler, 37:56; Joan Kauman, 39:50;

Isiah Brooks,40:50; Phil Koon, 43:26; Giny Criss, 46:49; Rebecca Novosel, 47:00; Carol Lipinski, 47:13; Jim Stallard, 47:26; Sara Piper, 47:48; Kelly Weber, 47:57; Kathryn Rentz, 48:12; Kristina Kaufman, 48:32; Ethan Moorehead, 48:52; Barbara Smith,49:08; Ann Rokicki, 49:17; Erin Wheeler, 49:27; Ben Wertheim, 49:30;
Amanda McCreary, 53:55; Patty McCreary, 54:00; (no name), 56:59; Nicole Eliason,57:13; Elias Brooks, 1 hour: 53 seconds; Charles Button, :1 hour, 58 seconds; Bonnie Duran, 1:2 minutes, 52 seconds; Cindy Secula, 1:2:57; Jessie Duran, 1:2:59; Cindy  Nagy, 1:7:08;  Eric Christina, 1:7:16; Joy Bigler,1:7:24; George Flowers, 1:7:29; Diane White, 1:9:17; and Coral Hudson, 1:9:18.
Sponsors were: Funkhouser Shaffer Financial Services, Oakland Beach Golf Course,; Tri County Developers, Armstrong Cable,Thomas C.Fox,DMD; Dickson Funeral Home and Crematory, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Meadville Medical Center,Waid-Coleman Funeral Home, Hagan Business Machines, Navigation Company, Channellock Inc., Marie Pettibon, Sprague Farm and Brew, Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau;

Rolling Fields Elder Care, Northwest Bank, Daniel Higham, Watts and Pepicelli, Howick Motors, Perfett Tax Service, Wagner-Giblin Insurance, Erie Bank, Nye's Marina Service, Community Chevrolet, David Schepner, Colwell Banker Bainbridge Kaufman Real Estate; Dillinger's Trailer Sales and Storage Sheds, Palmiero Toyota, K and M Graphics and JCB Wood Script.

Volunteers Needed
We need volunteers to help keep our society going. Volunteers are needed for all types of services from being tour guides, raising funds, cleaning, serving refreshments at meeting, assisting with special fundraisers as well as painting and other types of maintenance.

Everyone has a talent -- or a special interest -- and we can use all of those talents.
If you can give an hour or two (or more), please contact President Julia Catalano at 814-724-9841. 

You will find us a friendly bunch and we welcome everybody to join us as we work to preserve our history for the future.

New Hat
We have a new baseball cap available for purchase. It is embroidered with the Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society logo. It comes in white or tan. Cost is $15.  It can be ordered online in our Gift Shop

Pig Raffle
We will once again sell tickets for a pig starting at the cuisine on May 1.
Ticket prices vary from one cent to $5.Only 500 are sold
The price is underneath a flap and you buy the ticket and open it up to see the price.
It's a fun raffle and you could win a pig.Livingston's Quality Meats provides the pig and as a contribution cuts it to the winner's desire and wraps it.
We are thankful for the support this raffle has had over the past few years. Bill Lippert has been chairman and now has relinquished those duties to Dale Pysher. Dale will be at various places selling the tickets throughout the summer.
As soon as all 500 are sold, the winner will be chosen!

New Hoodies
We have had several requests for hoodies, so we have added those to our gift shop.

They have Conneaut Lake inscribed on the front. They are very nice material and look very nice.

Cost is $25.

We also have them available with a zipper front at a cost of $30.

You can special order whatever color you would like! We have a supply of various colors and sizes at the museum
but if we don't have your size,let us know!

They can be ordered on-line here.  

New Tour Contact
After many many years of being the contact person to arrange special tours, George Rutherford has given up that task. He will lead tours, just has too many things on his mind and often forgot to go down so asked the board to name somebody new!

Anyone wishing to arrange a special tour may now contact Julia Catalano at 724-9841 or Chuck Groger at 814-382-8722.

We still have some 2015 and 2016 calendars -- both featuring some great pictures -- available.

Pictures now Available
The board has voted to allow reprints of any picture in our museum. Cost is $1 for 4 by 6; $3 for 5 by 7; and $5 for 8 by 10. Stop at the museum and check out our vast array of pictures. Larger sizes may be ordered as well.
Our 2015 and 2016 calendars have 13 8 by 10 colored pictures – all suitable for framing once the month is over. They are a mixture of pictures – some old and some new.Each has scenes as well as photographs at Conneaut Lake Park and local businesses.