​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Next Meeting: Monday October 15th 7:30 p.m. - "French Creek Valley Railroad Historical Society"

Bernie Hanmore and Dennis Mead will speak about the French Creek Valley Railroad Historical Society. Program is open to the public, free of charge. It is at Station Five, Conneaut Lake Park Fire Hall, which is smoke-free and handicapped accessible. ​

Pumpkin Fest is Coming
Pumpkin Fest is Oct.12,13 and 14.We will have a booth there and will have a lot of items specially priced. For example, we will have our outdate calendars -- with 13 8 by10 colored photographs  in them. We are selling them for only $1. It's a great way to get some beautiful pictures that can be framed. There is a limited supply!
We also will sell our Liberty the Second books and a reprint of a railroad book from the early 1900s that will be sold for only $1 as well. Both have been available for several years and we want to make  room for other items.
All of our kids t-shirts will be $5 and adult t-shirts,$10.This will be limited to the supply on hand and not all colors or sizes are guaranteed.
Sweatshirts also will be reduced from $20 to $15 with not all sizes and colors available.
The idea is to sell our regular stock to make room for more. And, you get the savings!
Our Christmas ornaments -- the Barbara J and the Merry Go Round -- will be reduced from $20 to $15 or two for $25. There are Wendell August Forge and very pretty. 
We will have more sales. However, the Arcadia books cannot be put on sale because of contract regulations.
Stop by the booth and get some Christmas gifts -- or just something for yourself!

Museum Closing
The museum will close for the winter Oct. 14, but is available for private tours by contacting Julia Catalano at 724-9841 or Chuck Groger at 382-8722

Christmas Sale.
As it is our tradition, we will have another Christmas sale -- on the Small Town Sale Day-- the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Nov.24. Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
We will have many items on sale -- the same as Pumpkin Fest.
We also have the specially designed clocks with the outline of Conneaut Lake and three-dimensional showing of the depths of the lake.This is a beautiful clock and available for only $80 (tax included). This is available online for $120 -- but you can buy it from us for only $80.
We also have framed pictures showing the same design for only $45. We have a very limited supply of these, but can special order them and get in about two weeks.
In addition, we have photo albums and a notebook with suede type covering of the lake as well. They are $34
Check it out as you will find these no place else!

New Gift Items
We are excited to offer a new item in our gift shop.Actually, there are several new items. The first is a clock with a three-dimensional inset of Conneaut Lake with the streets of the area surrounding the inset. It is a beautiful piece of work and perfect for people who grew up or visited the area often. It is $80, which includes tax and handling.

We also have pictures of the same design.They range from 8 by 10 (in glass frame) and is beautiful.It is $45 which includes tax and shipping.

The same picture  is available in an 11 by 14 .or 14 by 18.They come in light or dark oak or for $10 more, a rustic shade.The rustic is not three dimensional. The 11 by 14 is $70/
A 3-D of the same picture in frame would be a beautiful picture for a business as well as home.It sells for $130.
We  also have photo albums with the design in a leather-like cover of "Memories of Conneaut Lake" It is $45. The same design is available in notepads, a small one is about a 5 by7 for $35 and  the larger one is an 8 by 10 for $45.

Another bonus is we have the identical items for Pymatuning Lake!
And, if you want it customized -- with s star indicating where you live -- or lived -- that can added for $25.
We will post pictures soon, but the items are on display at the museum. They will make perfect gifts for others -- or for yourself.

Please contact Jane Smith at 814-337-6377 to order or email her at grandmagjane@zoominternet.net. Thanks.

Golf Tournament Planned
Mark your calendars!
We have scheduled our inaugural golf tournament for 2019. It will be held Aug.21 at Oakland Beach Golf Course. 
It is a new venture for us and are excited. 
Dave White is chairing this new event!
Hope you can join us!


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