November 2018 News

​​​​​​​​​​​​Next Meeting: No meetings until March as we take a winter break so if we have inclement weather we don't have to cancel meetings.

Museum Office Update
We are in process of renovating our office/research center. A group of our men have been working hard as they installed new cabinets, made a handicapped restroom, new shelves and other renovations.
Marquette Savings is in process of renovating and donated its board table and10 chairs to us. The fit perfectly and look like the were made for us.
We also saved all the wooden paneling and reused it! Wait until you see it! We are planning a ribbon cutting for spring!

Proceeds from a grant from the Dietrich Foundation were used for this work! Of course, that is a matching grant so we had to use some of our operating funds -- but it is worth it.

More plans
We will be seeking another grant for replacing our old lights in the office with new LED lighting. If successful, that work will be done this winter as well
The new lighting will not only give us better lighting, but is more cost efficient. 
We continually look for outside grants to help make improvements so we don't have to use our operating funds.

Golf Tournament Planned
Mark your calendars!
We have scheduled our inaugural golf tournament for 2019. It will be held Aug.21 at Oakland Beach Golf Course. 
It is a new venture for us and are excited. 
Dave White is chairing this new event!
Hope you can join us!