2018 PaddleFest Results

 Greg Clarke was winner of the Third Annual Conneaut Lake Paddlefest held at Fireman's Beach last week. His time was 24 minutes, 28 seconds.He won a cash prize and trophy.

Winners were in two categories: Kayaks over 14 feet and those under 14 feet.

Clarke was in the over 14 feet category, but was declared the overall winner.

Nolan Schepner was second in that category with a time of 37:06 followed by Nick Novosel with a time of 39:26.

Rebecca Novosel, in a kayak longer than 14 feet, was winner for the female division with a time of 47:30.

In the under 14 feet, male winners and their times were:
Brian Shoemaker, 32:23; Duane Koller, 33:33; and Ryan Ball, 34:17.
Female winners in the category were:
Johanna Sheckler, 37:36; Karen Styborski, 38:05; and Jennifer McDowell, 39:29.
Julia Catalano, co-chairman of the vent and president of the Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society, said she was very pleased with the event. The event was sponsored by the historical society. "I think it was a great event and everything went well," she said, citing the perfect weather, the cooperation of everybody involved and the enthusiasm and support of the 45 participants. She cited the fact an historic rowboat was used as well.
Bill Eldridge, president of the Conneaut Lake Community Development Committee, greeted guests as well, welcoming them to the renovated beach.He noted the race was a "perfect event" to showcase the improvements.
Coordinators complimented the cooperation of the fish commission as well as the Conneaut Lake Volunteer Fire Department,which had a boat on the lake in case of any accidents.Conneaut Lake Area Ambulance Service also had an ambulance at the event in case of emergency.
The society solicited sponsors for the event to help defray the costs.Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau provided funding for the cash prizes.Other sponsors were:  Clark and Marie Pettibon, Hagan Business Machines, Waid-Coleman Funeral Home, Palmiero Toyota, Dr. Thomas C.Fox, Dan Higham, Nick Novosel, Howard Hanna Bainbridge Kaufman Real Estate; Tri County Developers, Wagner Giblin Insurance, Funkhouser Shaffer Financial Services, Dickson Funeral Home;
Perfett Tax Service, Meadville Medical Center,Bush Investment Group, Channellock Inc., Northwest Bank, The Navigation Co., Nye's Marina, Rolling Fields Elder Care Community, Armstrong Cable, DJB Group, Sprague's Farm and Brew, Howick's Motors, Watts and Pepicelli and JCB WoodScript.