​​​​​​​​​​​​Next Meeting: No meetings until March as we take a winter break so if we have inclement weather we don't have to cancel meetings.

Museum Office Renovations
The renovations to the museum office/research center are now complete and looks wonderful!We  will have ribbon-cutting ceremony May 4 at time to be announced.
In the meantime, plans now are to install LED lights to make lighting better and more efficient.
Thanks to all who worked so hard!

Museum Plans
Now that the office renovation is done,plans are to install LED lighting in the main museum.We have applied for a grant for this work with work expected to be done in the fall.
That will not only give us better lighting, but more efficient as well.

Golf Tournament Plans
Plans for our inaugural golf tournament are underway. See the attached poster for all the information. Line up some golf partners and join us!


January 2019 News