​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Next Meeting: Monday, June 15th: Liberty the Second

 We are back! Next meeting will be about raising Liberty the Second and its history. Speakers will be Brian Simpson and Bill Houghton, the two divers who brought the speedboat up from the bottom of the lake after 63 years! The boat will be on display and plans are to start the engine! 

Meeting is Monday, June 15, at 7:30 p. at our new meeting site -- the Conneaut Lake Sportsmen's Club, located on Sportsmen's Road, just off Route 18. The meeting is open to the public, free of charge. Refreshments will be served. Plans are to hold the meeting outside and then move inside for the business meeting.

New Exhibits! 
It's exciting time to announce some new exhibits completed over the winter months. One is of the Jones Brothers -- Darryl and Lynn -- of Harmonsburg. The display chronicles their achievements from playing Little League baseball to the Major Leagues and all the events in between. 

A second one is the speedboat which the late Bill Ott drove to various championships. The display also includes photographs and the jumpsuit he wore during the various races.

Others include Camp Lend-a-Hand and music.

Also in progress is a timeline showing events over the years, including world, national, state and local events. Another in progress exhibit is a three-dimensional exhibit showing the ice house industry, including ice houses and the elevators.

The museum is open from 2 to 5 every Saturday and Sunday from now until mid-October or by appointment by calling 382-8722 or 814-724-9841.

Facebook Addition
We have another new activity to share. Erin Wheeler, daughter of Julia Luty Catalano, is presenting about a 10-minute video each week on the Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society's Facebook page.
She offered to do this and we gave her a huge green light. In the video, she gives a brief capsule of some of our great history. So far they have included ice house, Conneaut LakePark and the railroads. She is accepting suggestions for other topics.
She is doing a wonderful job! She is very personable, articulate and has done a wonderful job.
Please check out our Facebook page and share it so others can learn about our rich history.

We, regretfully, have cancelled Paddlefest 2020.  It was a difficult decision, but we know it’s the safe thing to do.  We wish all of our kayakers, sponsors and volunteers the very best and look forward to the best ever Paddlefest 2021.  In the meantime, enjoy our beautiful Conneaut Lake and stay safe and healthy.

Cuisine Cancelled
Along with canceling the Paddlefest, we previously had decided not to have a cuisine this year. We had postponed it in May because of the Covid-19 virus and at that time , our restaurants had been closed for only two weeks and we didn't feel it was fair to ask them to provide food for that many people.

We had just postponed it, believing we could have it in the fall as it is always a big fundraiser and a great social event.
Since then, restaurants have been shut down for more than two months and even though many may be back open again, we just don't believe it is fair to expect them to donate in the fall either.
Our finances are strong as we have always worked to earn a couple thousand in profit each year so should something happen, we could still operate for a year. That is paying off now as we are able to  operate without dipping into the funds that we received from bequests.
With PumpkinFest also canceled, we are extremely fortunate that we can continue to operate without depending on this valuable fund raisers. We hope to have them again next year.

Kayak Raffles

Our kayak raffles hit a temporary snag due to the social distancing of Covid-19, but we are getting back on track.  We’d like to give a big THANK YOU to our sponsors who, with their generosity, we are able to have this raffle as a fundraiser for the Historical Society:

The Navigation Company
Nye’s Marina
Bill’s Midway Marina

Lake Road Marine
Howard Hannah Bainbridge Kaufman Real Estate
Daly Pysher in memory of his wife, Suzan

We are continuing to sell tickets for:      9’8” Blue Lifetime Sit In Kayak
                                                            10’4” Green Explorer Sit On Kayak
                                                            Drawing to be July 4, 2020
                                                            12’ Orange Pungo Sit In Kayak and Paddle
                                                            Drawing to be Memorial Day 2021

Tickets are $5 each, 5 for $20.

Call 814-724-9841

When the Museum opens, we will sell tickets there as well, and the kayaks will be displayed so you can take a look to decide which one(s) you like best.

Thank you to all who have already bought tickets and be assured your name is in the jar!

Golf Tournament
The golf tournament has been postponed until September -- at this point. The golf courses are allowed to be open now in Pennsylvania, but whether the restrictions will allow a tournament yet is unknown. Stay tuned pleased.

You can still order gifts from our gift shop if you need a special gift for Father's Day or graduation. We do have the Bronson Luty book available now for a cost of $20, plus tax and shipping, if not local. It would make a great gift for history buffs particularly.

New Meeting Place
We now have a new site for our monthly meetings. Since the Conneaut Lake Park VFD hall has closed, we had to look for a new site. Conneaut Lake Sportsmen's Club has graciously offered its club house to us. It is located off Route 18 on Sportsmen's Road. Please spread the word. Our meetings are the third Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. and are open to the public, free of charge.

Luty Book Now Available
Years ago, Bronson Luty wrote a book, "The Lake as it Was," a informal and memoir of Conneaut Lake, and it quickly became very popular and was out of print. We asked the Luty family to have it reprinted and it is now available.
Cost is $20, plus $1.20 and if mailed, $3 for mailing.
It is a neat book and gives a lot of history of the town and the area as well as many pictures.
It is a soft cover and is 110 pages.
If you are interested, you can contact Jane Smith at 337-6377; Julia Catalano at 724-9841. It also is available at the Tattered Corners Book Shop in Meadville or the Crawford County Historical Society or at our museum when it opens in May. 
Proceeds from the book sold by Jane or at the museum benefit our society.

Volunteers Needed
We need volunteers to serve as docents -- another word for tour guides -- at the museum on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 5 p.m.
You need not be a great historian to serve. Duties are to welcome guests, give them a brief explanation of the museum (we give you the information) and to sell any gift items they may want.
It's always interesting to hear the guests talk about their memories and a great way to share your memories as well!
Interested: Contact Chuck Groger at 382-8722.

New Gift Items
We recently purchased a number of specialty t-shirts and golf shirts from Stitch Art and are offering them to our guests. They are in various sizes, styles and colors, but cannot be special ordered. Most have just the wording Conneaut Lake (not historical society). Some have special beads that make the t-shirts a little dressier. The golf shirts have Conneaut Lake on the front in the pocket area and are in different colors.
If you are interested, stop at the museum and check them out. They are really neat!

May  2020 News