November  2020 News

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Next Meeting: No Meetings Until March

As tradition, we will not have any monthly meetings until March because the probable winter weather. We hope you have a wonderful and safe winter. See you in March.

Christmas Gifts Available
We still have plenty of gifts ready for Christmas giving. Included are two new items -- a Wendell August ornament engraved with a picture of the Beach Club for $15 and a word search puzzle book with 52 puzzles -- all related to Conneaut Lake -- for $3. We have the Bronson Luty book, telling of many historical facts about Conneaut Lake. In addition, of course we still have many other books -- ranging from $1 to $30.

We also have t-shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts and golf shirts. The size and colors of these are limited to what's in store. I don't think we can get special orders guaranteed for Christmas, but we have lots available. 

In addition, we have blue ceramic mugs with "Conneaut Lake- Where Memories Last a Lifetime" available for $5.
Call Jane Smith at 337-6377 if you are interested or go to our gift shop on-line. 

Thanks in advance.

Christmas Party Cancelled
Our annual Christmas party has been cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are hoping perhaps we can have a dinner in the spring to make up for it! In the meantime, we hope you have a wonderful holday.

New Items

We are excited to announce new items for purchase.

We have a new "Find a Word" book -- with all the words associated with Conneaut Lake. It has 52 different puzzles, plus a page about the historical society's museum and a page of black and white pictures. The book includes all different types of categories: Names of teachers, members of the state champion sports teams, Conneaut Lake Park rides, etc. It is quite unique, and we are selling it for only $3. Makes a great Christmas gift for young and old alike. In addition to being fun to play, we are hopeful that families and or groups of people will talk about the names and educate themselves about our history. It is available in our online gift shop or in person in our gift shop.  We hope to have it available at some Conneaut Lake businesses and will keep you posted!

The second new items is a Wendell August Forge Christmas ornament featuring a picture of the Beach Club. If you have special memories of the Beach Club, it is sure to bring back those memories. It will be only $20 and available by contacting Jane Smith at 337-6377 or at or ordering on-line.

We also have the Conneaut Lake and Pymatuning clocks ($85) , large three-dimensional pictures ($150)  and 8 by 10 (unframed) three-dimensional pictures ($45) as well as numerous books -- ranging from $1 to $30. Another new items this year (we only have one of each in stock) are cribbage boards featuring the three dimensional of the lake -- be it Conneaut Lake or Pymatuning. They are $50.

We have many t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies available. However, they are limited in size and color, so if you are interested in ordering one, contact Jane and she will take care of you so you can the one you want for that special gift!

Many of these items are available only at the museum or a Conneaut Lake business which offers to help sell them. The three-dimensional items are available on-line at the company which designed and made them, but the price is much higher as we get a special rate as we buy them in bulk.

However, the "bulk" isn't very many, so if you are interested, please contact Jane ASAP so nobody is disappointed!

We recently purchased a number of specialty t-shirts and golf shirts from Stitch Art and are offering them to our guests. They are in various sizes, styles and colors, but cannot be special ordered. Most have just the wording Conneaut Lake (not historical society). Some have special beads that make the t-shirts a little dressier. The golf shirts have Conneaut Lake on the front in the pocket area and are in different colors.

If you are interested, stop at the museum and check them out. They are really neat!