Barber Cemetery

It’s a small cemetery, located off First Street in Conneaut Lake. Many people have never heard of it and don’t know of its location.

But, it is an important part of Conneaut Lake’s history.

It was deeded by Aaron Stewart and John McNamara and another man to be put in trust for the citizens of Sadsbury on Sept. 6, 1836. It is approximately two acres in size and was deeded for $100.

It is bound on the north by Barber’s Run and on the east by a chain link fence

Tombstones that are marble are square top, arch top, pointed top and Obelisk. 
Tomb stones in sandstone are square top. Tomb stones in granite and government issued.

All veterans entombed appear to be from the War of 1812 to 1814.

After the Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society was formed, we went to the Sadsbury Township supervisors and asked permission to take over the care of the cemetery. It was granted.

Many of those buried in the cemetery were victims of a malaria epidemic that struck the town in the 1840s.  When the water level of the lake was lowered during the Canal era, the town was hit with the dreaded disease. Some families lost the mother and four or five children.

The last burials at the site were in the early 1900s.

Records show there are 89 graves. Of those, 21 are men, 38 women and 40 children.

Twenty-nine burials were made in 1840s and 16 in the 1850s.

After the society took over the care of the cemetery, several work sessions were held to clear the brush and trees. Among those was a group from the Crawford County Make a Difference Day.

A bridge was erected to make it more accessible and plans are being made to try to repair some of the damaged tombstones in 2009.