Donated By:Month
Several scrapbooks of the late Syb Williams
Her FamilySeptember 2020
Original Moss Co. sign from 1925
Bob and Kathy Moss
August 2020
Postcard of midway signs at Conneaut Lake Park
Joyce Minnis
August 2020
Vivian Bauer Family
August 2020
Foamboard display highlighting career of Steve White, Conneaut Lake Area High School grad
Dave White
August 2020
Picture of former Wayside Inn
no name on donation
August 2020
Office chair and surgery tools from office of Dr. William Marshall, physician who had practice in Geneva
Dick and Jan Williams
August 2020
Surgical Tools and Office Chair of Dr. William J. MarshallDick and Jane WilliamsJuly 2020
Two plates depicting the Orphan TrainBob DiskoJuly 2020
Conneaut Lake Centennial PlateRoberta AlexanderJune 2020
T-shirts from Friar Tuck's and Funeral Directors Convention and pictures of Friar Tucks
Jack SlaterMay 2020
Sports memorabilia (some on loan) from careers of Major League Baseball Players Darryl and Lynn Jones
Darryl Jones & Lynn JonesMay 2020
Pictures, trophy and boat (some on loan) from Bill Ott's career and the speedboat
His Family May 2020
Music ProgramsJoAnn ElwellMay 2020
The FFA jacket of Lyle Hoovler
his brother
February 2020
Wooden nickels
Patty Fry
February 2020
Display case with memorials to Bob Helch that was displayed at the CLPVFD
Helch family
January 2020
First flag from the Conneaut Lake Boy Scout Troop
Charlie Davis, whose mother Pauline was a scout leader
January 2020
Collection of papers from the taxi company, including pictures
Kathy Morrow Dunkerly
October 2019
Eight boxes of Conneaut Lake Park items and other memorabilia
AnonymousOctober 2019
Cup from Fairyland Forest
Lenny Adams
October 2019
Box of Harmonsburg memorabilia
Don Needler
October 2019
Ledgers and other Moss family items
Bob Moss
October 2019

Monetary Donations Given By:Month
William Gregg
August 2020
Emma Lou Ziegler
August 2020
Ginny Trimble
August 2020
Crawford Cares donations:
John and Jody Sperry
William and Linda DeArment
Marge Weigel
Richard and Janet Ashe
William and Rita Foust
Sharon Marr
Dale Pysher
Rich and Sharon Mason
John Guffy
Jacquie Lippert
Dr. Chris and Charlotte Thomas
Domenic and Patricia DiMucci
The Ruttenberg Family
Karen Styborski
Jane Smith

August 2020
Col. (Retired) Dave WhiteJuly 2020
William Gregg
July 2020
Jim and Jolene TubbsMay 2020
Mike and Jamie KreppsMay 2020
Shirley KowaczMay 2020
Harry W. HenningerApril 2020
Col. David WhiteApril 2020
Dale Pysher
February 2020
Chris Myers
February 2020
August and Patricia Spagnolo
February 2020
William Gregg
February 2020
Dick and Jan Williams
February 2020
Norma Shellito
February 2020
Glen Moss
January 2020
Dale PysherJanuary 2020
Deborah Davenport
January 2020
Pat HindleNovember 2019
Bernie HanmoreNovember 2019
Harry and Shirley ZareckiNovember 2019
William and Barbara MossNovember 2019
Bob MossNovember 2019

The following is a list of donations made to the society in the past year. Many are made at the time of their membership renewal and others are for special funds (as designated). We appreciate each donation and the contributors.  All contribute to the success of our society.