Donated By:Month
Two t-shirts from the Funeral Directors
AnonymousMarch 2019
Miscellaneous Conneaut Lake High School items
Chris Gross
March 2019
Pennbank items
Marquette Savings Bank
March 2019
Hyde's Garage t-shirt
UnknownMarch 2019
White Barbara J jacket
March 2019
Red Barbara J jacket
March 2019
Centerpiece, menu and other items from Stable Pit and Pub
Bill's Midway Marina
February 2019
Basketball jacket of Rich Osborne
Rich Osborne
February 2019
Conneaut Lake Park glass, Conneaut Lake Park picture frame and an Exposition Park place
Col. David White
January 2019
Books about Cochranton and Townville histories, Crawford County Pictorial History, several newsletters
Crawford County Historical Society
January 2019
Conneaut Lake TraysJohn & Jody SperryDecember 2018
Several Football ScrapbooksJohn & Jody SperryDecember 2018
BlanketJohn & Jody SperryDecember 2018
The head from the Hell Hole from Conneaut Lake Park
Dr.Thomas Fox
November 2018
Various materials from the Harvey Thomas store
Chris Myers
November 2018
Two framed pictures-- one of Hotel Conneaut and one of Oakland Beach
Linda Piatt
November 2018
Specially made Winchester Model 94 rifle commemorating Crawford County's history
David M. White (founder of Ram Tool.)
October 2018
Specially made 1840s wooden dresser that was owned by the Miller family of Conneaut Lake
David Deater
October 2018
Head from the Devil's Den
Dr.Thomas Fox.
October 2018
Cheerleading uniform and school pennantJoyce HoganSeptember 2018
Native American artifact collectionJohn WellingtonAugust 2018
Framed picture of Conneaut Lake Elementary SchoolEric NelsonAugust 2018
Framed picture of Raymond Van SlykeEric NelsonAugust 2018
Scrapbook with old greeting cards of Eveyln CooleyCecil StevensonAugust 2018
Various books of Eveylyn CooleyCecil StevensonAugust 2018
A salesman's model of a cast iron kitchen stove that was used as a toy for five generations of  children. Rather than give the toy to one generation, it was decided to donated it to the museum and family members could "visit" it there.
Stewart and Annamarie Randall family.
July 2018
Conneaut Lake High School band jacket
Conneaut Lake High School National Honor Society charter
Picture of Conneaut Lake High School's volleyball team which won state championship
Poster and bracket of games for state championship
Banner from Conneaut Lake High School marching band
Banner from Conneaut Lake High School sports teams
Conneaut School DistrictJuly 2018
Rock 'n' Roll Rally T-shirt.
-July 2018
Wooden plaque with stamp from Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad
Bob Hilton
July 2018
Name tag of Melva Stell from Conneaut Lake Park
Bob Stell
July 2018
Railroad books
Larry Groger estate
July 2018
"The Lake Souvenir," a booklet by John Lavely from 1901.
A 1925 issue of "The Hay Rake,"a locally published small-format magazine.
Avery old menu from Hotel Conneaut dining room.
A set of five-cent coupons from 1927 for Hotel Conneaut  to be used by an employee.
Photo copies of 1899 Points of Interest -- Conneaut Lake, Pittsburgh and Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad.
A new edition of "Conneaut Lake Park First 100 Years of Fun."
Two Conneaut Lake Park Centennial "Surf's Up" t-shirts.
A copy of "Conneaut Comics," created by Conneaut Lake Park employees in 1973.
A large mounted Conneaut Lake Park poster from the 1980s.
Several 1974 "Teen Dances" Dreamland Ballroom (handmade posters).
A 1973 Centennial Lake Park Sun newspaper.
A collection of promotional photos.
Dozens of photographs of various activities at the park.
Documents and notes relating to operation of hotels in park.
Several other documents and clippings.
Various trinkets and souvenirs, including magnets and others.
Charles McLaughlin in memory of his mother, Ruth McLaughlin who worked at Conneaut Lake ParkJuly 2018

Book: Killer Tornadoes
​Book: The Lake as it Was

History of High Street Community Church

Betty Arbagost
June 2018

Erie Times 12/19/1943

Erie Times 12/11/1943

DD Salute 1944

Darwin Alexander
June 2018

Conneaut Lake T-shirt

Peach colored Conneaut Lake T-shirt

Conneaut Lake Park shirt with hot air balloons

Navy blue T-shirt with 9/11

Holiday in Park 2003 sweat shirt

David Mead Inn sweat shirt

Conneaut Lake Borough 1858-2008 shirt

Pat Kaider
June 2018
Boy scout belt
Bev Litwiler
June 2018
Conneaut Lake directories , 1929, 1941, 1930, 1940,1934-35, 1941, 1951-52
Lee Dennis Estate
June 2018

Certificate from Pennsylvania Husky Musky Club of Gerald Munson Jr

Husky Musky club patch

Pa.Angler's Citation awarded to Gerald Munson Jr.

Record fish pamphlet

Letter to Gerald Munson with copy of check for participating in fishing contest

Copy of entry blank for fishing contest

Letter verifying Munson fish

Munson family
June 2018
Picture of Conneaut Lake Ski Club
Bill Jorden
June 2018

Conneaut Lake varsity letter

Block C letter

Conneaut Lake Indian letter

Lloyd Shuffstall
June 2018

History of Conneaut Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Clipping Raymond Lewis resigns from CLVFD

Raymond Lewis certified as emergency ambulance attendant

CLVFD clipping stages projects for beach

Program from CL Spring Musical Festival 1946

Clipping Two Conneaut Lake homes hit by fire 1955

Clipping Vernon gets new truck 1941

Conneaut Lake Breeze 1/14/1954

Letter from Raymond Lewis Ford

Xerox announcement of opening of Ford dealership

Myrtie Manes
June 2018
Flyer about Conneaut Lake Park
Anne Koscelek
June 2018
1946 Oakland Beach Hotel
Jim Pudlewski
June 2018
Mounted Fish HeadGerald Munson FamilyMay 2018
T-ShirtsPat KaiderMay 2018
An ashtray shaped like a foot saying "I Got a Kick out of Conneaut Lake Park"
Karen MossApril 2018

Monetary Donations Given By:Month

Bobbie MoyersApril 2019

Kathryn Rentz
March 2019

William Gregg
March 2019

Gary Glover
March 2019

Harry Henninger
March 2019

Carolyn Melby
March 2019

Lisa Houserman
March 2019

Karen Jablonski
February 2019

Sponsor for golf tournament from Col.David White
January 2019

Money for LED lights from Glenn Moss
January 2019

3 Different Donations from:
Col.(Ret) David and Janet White
November 2018

Chuck GrogerOctober 2018

Col.(Ret) David and Janet White
October 2018

Col.(Ret) David and Janet White
September 2018

Col.(Ret) David and Janet White
August 2018

Exxon Mobil in recognition of Dave Lynch's volunteer hours.
August 2018

Col.(Ret) David and Janet White
July 2018

Dave Mihalyi
July 2018

Col.(Ret) David and Janet White
June 2018

Frederick Depalma in honor of Dave White
June 2018

Col.(Ret) David and Janet White
May 2018

Dave Mihayli
May 2018

Marie Pettibon
May 2018

Greg Hindle
May 2018

Bob Hilton
May 2018

Kathryn Ferguson
May 2018

Marion Galbo
May 2018

The following is a list of donations made to the society in the past year. Many are made at the time of their membership renewal and others are for special funds (as designated). We appreciate each donation and the contributors.  All contribute to the success of our society.