Donated By:Month
Military UniformGary HouseJune 2017
Yearbooks from Conneaut Lake Middle School and former Conneaut Lake High School
Conneaut Lake Middle SchoolJune 2017
Flier about auction of school items from Conneaut School District in 1988 
estate of Wally Kelly
June 2017
Shoe stretcher
Nancy Manning
June 2017
Map of housing development
Max Hyde family
June 2017
Framed t-shirt from Friar Tucks from Jack Slater.It was given to him by George Nowack when Jack owned FriarTucks. Jack and Sharon have sold Silver Shores so donated it to us for preservation.
Jack SlaterApril 2017
Old atlas and a scrapbook
Don and Ann Zadack
April 2017
Several Buttons from Conneaut Lake CentennialBill RhodesMarch 2017
Framed Charter of the Conneaut Lake Ice Co.Larry Sousa's GrandsonFebruary 2017
Pin Cushion from Conneaut Lake Park Jen MihalyiJanuary 2017
TimerDave MihalyiJanuary 2017
Conneaut LakePark ride tickets; Conneaut Lake Park safety brochure; 
Photo of steam train at Conneaut Lake Park in 1971 (Man standing on train engine is William Koscelek, assistant chief of security at the park during the 1970s.
Newspaper article about the train, June 20,1971
Ann Koscelek
December 2016
Photo of Russell Hanmore in service uniform
Photo of Sadsbury Township supervisors and police officer
Bernie Hanmore
December 2016
Two jackets from Stable Pit and Pub
Grocery bag from Domer's Golden Dawn store
Brian Delmar
December 2016
Many photographs from school classes taught by Mrs. Ruth Miller
Her Niece Carolyn Turnbull
November 2016
Magician's cape and framed pictures of Bob Kline, Magician at Fairyland Forest and a box of old bottles
Doug and Chris Stanton
September 2016
Numerous school pictures and sports team pictures and commencement programs from 1940
The Lobins Family
September 2016
Conneaut Lake directories, post cards, information about trolley history and several books
Phyllis Amolsch
September 2016
Miller's Food Factory shirt, Conneaut Lake High School sports throw and Girl Scout cups
Pat Kaider
September 2016
Box of old newspapers
Joan Kozlowski
September 2016
Pictures and brochures
Lucy Pisani
September 2016
Conneaut Lake Park & Fairyland Forest Plates
Two Conneaut Lake paper weights
Pictures of boats
Many Paper Items
Kate Hilton Family
July 2016
Conneaut Lake Park lighter with matches
Bob Grossman
July 2016
Notebook of historical society stuff
Betty Stallard
July 2016
Army shoe 
Dave White
July 2016
US FlagLucy PisaniJuly 2016
Pictures and other newspaper clippings
Gail Fales
July 2016
Old rifle on loan
Schulyer Ross
July 2016


The following is a list of donations made to the society in the past year. Many are made at the time of their membership renewal and others are for special funds (as designated). We appreciate each donation and the contributors.  All contribute to the success of our society.

Monetary Donations Given By:Month
Conneaut Lake Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization
June 2017
Lt. Col.David and Mrs. Janet White
June 2017
Kathryn E.McGonigle
June 2017
Midway Civic Club
June 2017
Dave LynchMay 2017
Marie PettibonMay 2017
Matthew J FryeMay 2017
Col. (Ret) David and Mrs. Janet WhiteMay 2017
Karen JablonskiMay 2017
Terry KohlerApril 2017
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. David WhiteApril 2017
Joyce StevensonApril 2017
John ReimerMarch 2017
Bill McComasMarch 2017
Kathryn FergusonMarch 2017
Glen MossFebruary 2017
Harry HenningerFebruary 2017
Bill GreggFebruary 2017
Diana SatolliFebruary 2017
Beverly Community Impact Fund (Fred Prescott)February 2017
Sandy Morian
December 2016
Sharon J. Marr
December 2016
Deborah K.Davenport
December 2016
August and Patricia Spagnolo
November 2016
Judith S. Reimer
November 2016
Grace Luptak
November 2016
Col. (Ret.)  and Mrs. David White
November 2016
Bob Stell
October 2016
Fred Prescott
October 2016
Samuel Wilson
September 2016
Emma Lou Ziegler
September 2016
William Gordon
September 2016
Bill Hrusa
July 2016
Charles Conway
July 2016
David White
July 2016
Pat Sherry
July 2016
Marge Weigel
July 2016