January 2022

Upcoming Meetings

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No Meetings Until March 2022

We will not meet again until the third Monday of March 2022 as we take a break during the winter months because of possible inclement weather. We hope you all have a wonderful winter! 

Our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the Sportsman's Club in Conneaut Lake.  It is open to public free of charge. Hall is handicapped accessible and smoke free. Refreshments will follow the program. 

Vestibule Work Starting

Work on renovations of the vestibule will begin soon. With the funds from the Dietrich Foundation, we are renovated the vestibule to conserve energy, make the floor even, and other work to make it a nicer entryway. 

We haven't decided yet what we will have on the walls, but I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Check us out come spring time!

Christmas Party

The 2021 Christmas party was another great time of fellowship and celebrating Christmas at the Iroquois Club.

We had several missing because of unexpected illness, but we enjoyed the 48 who could participate!

Carolyn Melby was at the piano again, leading us in singing of traditional Christmas carols.

Santa Claus, aka as C. Sherman Allen, brought us his traditional fruit as gifts from him and Arvilla. His voice was clear and full of joy as he sung the "ho, ho, ho" to the Jingle Bell song.

Bob Disko was master of ceremonies and President Chuck Groger spoke briefly, telling a little about the past year and upcoming plans for 2022.

Greg Hindle won a painting of the late Kate Hilton and Arvilla Allen won a floral centerpiece donated by Kate Hilton's family in her memory.

It was a fun time of chatting with others and enjoying a nice evening with our colleagues.

Pictures of some of the guests are seen in the Christmas party section!

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New Membership Benefits

For all members, the board has voted to add a benefit for the membership. All members purchasing anything from our gift shop (in the museum or on-line) will receive a 10 percent discount on the merchandise. 

It is a way to give back to our volunteers and members. Dues are only $12 a year and if you only buy $120 in gift items over a year, you will save the cost of your dues -- and have beautiful gifts for somebody or for yourself.

The gift shop volunteer will have an updated list of members who are paid up to date (2021).

Legacy Society

We have started a new Legacy Society where you can leave money to the society in your will -- via a bequest, outright cash, insurance policy, etc. You can also donate right now to the Legacy Society with the minimum payment of $1,000.

The historical society appreciates the support of everyone -- present and future!