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To be out on Conneaut Lake on a summer morning:  what could be better?  That’s what we thought, when we got the idea for our Paddlefest in 2016.

This event is a great way to enjoy our beautiful lake, connect with our neighbors and friends and help to support Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society’s mission.

The event began as a 3 mile race, departing from Fireman’s Beach, and continuing up the west side of the lake, into Huidekoper Bay, around Goat Island, and returning to the beach.  It’s a high energy event with lots of friendly competition.  In 2019, realizing that every kayaker is not into competitive racing, we added an additional event, the Dice Run.  This appeals to those who are looking for a fun, leisurely morning, traveling around to a number of docks and beaches to roll floating dice and tally scores.  It was a hit! We had arranged for 6 stops our first year, and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly in favor of adding more stops.  So, in preparation for 2021 Paddlefest, we are in the process of arranging for approximately 10 stops. Participants can enjoy either or both events for one registration fee.

Paddlefest includes refreshments, prizes and t-shirts.  It is held the first Saturday in August. For additional information, see the flyer.


There are 3 ways to register:

1. Call 814-724-9841.

2. Downloading the Registration Form to the right, complete it and mail it in with your payment

3. To register online, click here. 

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