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Membership Benefits

Joining the Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society is an opportunity to help preserve our area history for future generations.

We are entirely a volunteer organization, so we rely on our members to help us in a variety of areas such as:

  • Helping with Events

  • Being a museum tour guide

  • Designing and building museum displays

  • Helping with Walking Tours

  • Archiving donations

  • Helping with research

  • Interviewing local residents

  • Upkeep in Barber Cemetery

  • Making and serving refreshments

  • Assist with photography or videography

  • Work with enhancing our technology endeavors and social media outreach


We also have several members only events such as our Christmas Party and Summer Picnic.  Members also receive a 10% discount from any items purchased in the gift shop.


Membership gives the opportunity to contribute your time and talents in areas of your interest and expertise.  It also allows you to learn new skills, learn about our unique local history, meet new people who share your interests and have lots of fun.

We have approximately 350 members, many live in the area, some live across the country, but have retained their interest in and desire to support the Historical Society. We welcome and appreciate our members’ input and insights and love to hear their stories and memories.

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