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Conneaut Lake Park


Conneaut Lake Park has been a favorite tourist attraction since it opened in 1892.  With the changes in the park in recent years, we have received a Blue Streak Car in which visitors to the museum can take a virtual ride, enjoying the sights and sounds of an actual Blue Streak ride, complete with a reproduction of the lighted map of the ride.

We have also received and have refurbished a Skee Ball Game from the park.  Visitors are welcome to test their skills, or luck, playing the authentic game.

Early souvenir items are on display, including vases, glasses, salt and pepper shakers and novelty shirts and aprons.  By the mid 1900s, the souvenirs transitioned into plastic and wooden items and some glassware, all inscribed with the Conneaut Lake Park name, made to bring back memories from times spent at the park.  Two romance novels add a delightful flair to the exhibit, each describing the ambiance perfectly.

Temple of Music.jpg

​The park display includes a large photograph of the Temple of Music, which accommodated 6,000 people for music and vocal performances.

Beach Club Table.jpg

The popular Beach Club is represented by original table and chairs as well as photos of the popular night spot located adjacent to the beach.

The Hotel Conneaut is represented with photos and menus to show the beautiful hotel and its amenities.

The Park hosted many company picnics and conventions over the years.  One of the more notorious was the Funeral Director’s Convention.

Funeral Directors.jpg

And what would a Conneaut Lake Park exhibit be without a ride and games? 

We were given two games from the park. One is a mechanical model where balls are shot into holes on the other side and players compete with each other.  It joins a Skee Ball game which has been enjoyed by many museum visitors over the years. 

Who loved to ride the Dodgem cars and try to ram into others?  We have the original Number 3 car sitting in front of the stage, its new resting place.

Fairyland Forest is also featured in the exhibit and in the kiosk photos.

All of the pieces are designed to preserve the history, give the younger generation a glimpse into the past and perhaps bring a smile or memory to those who lived during the vibrant years of the park.

In addition to the items in the exhibit, we have much more information related to Conneaut Lake Park in our archives.

Fairyland Forest.jpg
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