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Keystone Ordnance Works


During World War II, the need for ammunition was great.  The area in Greenwood Township, near Geneva was identified as an ideal location for a plant due to its plentiful water supply and its frequent cloud cover. So the Keystone Ordinance Works (KOW) was built. I was a plant for making TNT, explosives for bombs. 

It was a 22 square mile reserve and employed over 1,600 people. It was quickly abandoned at the end of the war.  All that remains are water towers, abandoned buildings, railroad tracks and Igloos, cement storage buildings to house the highly explosive TNT.

Crate & Ad.jpg

Not many items or photographs remain from when the KOW was in full operation, due to its dangerous nature and extremely high security, but we have been able to acquire some artifacts. These are included on our display; a crate used for shipping explosives, a hard hat worn by employees and identification badges, required to be worn.

We also have an assortment of photographs and news clippings from this pivotal and secretive operation.

It is an education about the important role this area played during World War II.



In addition to the items in the exhibit, we have much more information related to the KOW in our archives.

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