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In addition to the numerous maps we have on display in our exhibits, our archives include many other maps of Evansburg, Conneaut Lake and all the surrounding townships and small towns of our area. 


They range from those showing locations of Indian tribes to a Pennsylvania geological survey. 


Others include:

  • The George Washington Trail.

  • The Keystone Ordnance Works layout.

  • Numerous housing developments, such as: Hollister Allotment, Lakeview Plan of Lots, Lakeview Estates, Hazel Park, Oakland Beach, Berkey Lots, Huidekoper and Conaway Plan of Lots.

  • A newspaper clipping showing the path of the 1985 tornadoes, which ravaged the area.

  • Numerous maps of Conneaut Lake Park, showing various layouts throughout the years.

  • Another rather unique map shows the plot of the Fireman's Beach.


Maps are stored in a file in the upstairs storage area, but are available for research upon request.

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