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The history of the military is alive and well in a popular exhibit at the museum.

The United States flag and the prisoner of War/Missing in Action flag frame the entrance to this exhibit.  Two mannequins, wearing the uniforms of Col. (Ret) David White and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gary Hough, both formerly of Conneaut Lake, greet visitors.


Various uniforms, from the Army, to Navy, to Marines and Air Force and from various eras, are displayed. In addition, holders with flags of the different wars and battles line the display.  An army trunk and cot are seen to the right, complete with Army blanket.

Trunk, etc..jpg
1812 Grave Marker.jpg
US Wants You.jpg

At the end of the cot is a mannequin wearing a Civil War Uniform and holding a crutch of that era.  A poster featuring a picture of Uncle Sam with his famous “I Want You” slogan is seen on one wall.

Germany Ends War.jpg

As you walk through the area, other walls are lined with pictures of Conneaut Lake area veterans, arranged according to their service dates.

A blouse made from a parachute and a lamp made from a mortar shell show a small glimpse of items from the World War II era. Also displayed are newspapers proclaiming the end of the war. 

War Over.jpg
Where Did You Serve.jpg

A large framed world map is shown with stick pins where area veterans have indicated where they have served.

We also have a large collection of area individuals who have served in the military and would love to include your picture as well.

Memorial Park Monument.jpg

The military exhibit is designed to not only educate people about military life and service, but also to pay tribute to our military.

Beyond our exhibit, the Conneaut Lake community maintains Memorial Park on Water a tribute to veterans.  It is one of the first monuments to honor Civil war veterans.

In addition to the items in the exhibit, we have much more information related to the military in our archives.

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