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Skills and Talents

The Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society is a 100% volunteer organization.  Our members come from a wide background of skills and life experiences that enrich our organization.  These talents include:

  • Artistic, such as photography, videography, exhibit design

  • Communication, such as interviewing, social media outreach, print, radio and TV connections

  • Technical, such as accounting, data entry, word processing, grant writing

  • Marketing, such as advertising, managing our gift shop merchandise, networking

  • Building and construction, by  keeping our museum and office in tip-top shape

  • Landscaping, by beautifying our Historical Society building and the Barber Cemetery

  • Hospitality, by welcoming visitors to the museum and our programs, offering refreshments and helping us to stay connected

We appreciate each of our volunteers and welcome the opportunity to help current and new members find their niche with us.

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