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The Conneaut Lake area has a great history of sports, including basketball, volleyball, baseball, skiing and more. 

Our museum, itself, was built in 1931 as the Conneaut Lake High School Gymnasium. Standing in the museum, you can still see the lines on the floor and the basketball hoops, and almost feel the excitement of the countless basketball games that had been played there.

Featured in our exhibit are photos and newspaper articles depicting our state championship teams, including boys and girls basketball, girls’ volleyball and Bill Kuhn, state championship wrestler.

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Also on display are numerous pieces of clothing, from cheerleading uniforms, to sports jackets awarded to many students. Two basketballs, with the names of Rich Osborn and Dave White and the number of points each scored during their high school days are included.

Pictures of the Lakerettes, a softball team coached by Art Hoover, joins the high school mementos.

In addition to high school sports, exhibits include information about Audie Hays, a world record barefoot skier.   The lake is also known for large muskie and 

a fisherman caught a state record Muskie in Conneaut Lake in 1924.

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Another sports highlight from our area are the careers of Lynn and Darryl Jones, brothers from Harmonsburg who were Major League baseball Players and won World Series Rings.

Our photo kiosk showcases other community events such as snowmobile racing, water skiing and canoe racing.


In addition to the items in the exhibit, we have much more information about sports in our archives.

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