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Time Line

Have you ever wondered what went on in Conneaut Lake and the rest of the world during various eras?

Have you thought about how world and national events have molded local history?

One of our newest exhibit, the Time Line, helps put into perspective these connections. For example, the invention of the steam engine made possible our many steamboats on the lake, as well as the railroads which brought thousands of people to Conneaut Lake.  The Pittsburgh steel industry created prosperity, yet also smoggy, dirty cities that people yearned to escape from, so they flocked to the cool, clean air and water of Conneaut Lake, leading to a booming resort industry. Electric refrigeration caused the demise of the Ice Industry.   WWII created the need for ammunition, hence the KOW plant for making ammunition near Geneva. 

Dating back to 1773, the Time Line shows various important happenings at the local, county, state, national and international levels.

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It includes events from wars to inaugurations and the founding of various companies. Do you know when Raymond Shafer of Crawford County was elected Governor of Pennsylvania? It’s on the Time Line.  So is the date the Vietnam War ended. When was Crawford County founded? Check out the date.

Designed to educate and perhaps bring back a memory, the Time Line has something for everyone. It helps us to see how we have adapted and thrived with changing times.


In addition to the items in the exhibit, we have much more information related to Time Line in our archives.

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