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What's a museum without historical items? An empty building.

We have been so blessed to receive artifacts of all types from donors who no longer had room for them or wanted to share them with others.

We accept items pertaining to the Conneaut Lake area -- be it a sports, school, business, etc.

We have a policy that we can't purchase items. One reason is we would have no idea of the value. The second reason is once we started buying items, where do we stop? 

However, we are a 501-C-3 organizations. Thus, we can give you a receipt for your income tax purposes. We don't put the value of the donation (except of course monetary ones) on the receipt. Without an appraisal, we would often have no idea what the value would be.  So, the donor puts the value on it when he/she reports it as a donation on the income tax returns.

Then it would be up to the IRS about accepting that value should a person be audited. 


To date, we have tens of thousands of items. Many are on exhibit; others are in storage for future exhibits.

More information about how to donate an item, contact Jean Shanley, archives chairman, 814-337-6377; or email at:

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