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Past Donations

Donated Items

March 2024

  • A framed picture of the Class of 1947 from Pat Kaider

February 2024

  • Bear skin coat, two notebooks about Liberty the Second, diagram showing where divers found the boat, pictures of the divers retrieving the boat. manual of the solar used to help retrieve the boat from the bottom of the lake, pictures of the divers and the retrieval of the boat, manual of the solar used to locate the boat, book "Things from Water and Sand", all from Bill Houghton.

  • Framed picture of a poster of the annual fishing tournament at Silver Shores from Brian Delmar.

  • Business brochure from Brian Delmar

November 2023

  • Railroad pictures and program, Conneaut Lake Park mug, key chain and Skee Ball tickets from Diane Mowery.

  • New York Yankees travel bag and shoes from Darryl Jones

  • Large map showing depths of lake and bottle Harned polish from Sherman Allen.

October 2023

  • Kimino set from Japan from the Molke Family

  • High Street Presbyterian Church throw and several yardsticks from Sherman Allen

  • Abacus from Roberta and Darwin Alexander

  • Alumni Association programs from Terri Olah

  • Conneaut Lake arcade game from Jason Pashekargonis

  • Meadville Brewing Co. bottle from Hugh K. Chappell

  • Conneaut Lake Director from 1929, Affable Mr. Shadd book, then and Now Fall 2001 and Lovely Spot, from Bobbie Moyers

  • Scalp "Em Indians pin from Michele Glenn Pennino

  • Fireman's Beach hoodie 

  • Part of a sonar from Bill Houghton

  • Receipt for payment from Claire Waldron

  • School memorabilia and scrapbook of Jjoyce Stevenson from John and Jody Sperry

  • Three bottles found near Huidekoper's from Greg Dougherty

September 2023

  • Large 45-star flag from Jack Kozlowski

  • Number of pictures from Roberta Alexander

August 2023

  • A "Tree of Light" from Wilma and John Davis in memory of sons Kevin and Jack

  • Air Force uniform and other memorabilia of William Kavchak from wife, Elisa Kavchak

  • Conneaut Lake High School band uniforms, pictures and other memorabilia from Donna Keller

  • CLHS cheerleader jacket and banner carrier jacket from Debbie A. Miller

  • Girl Scout uniform of Kathy Parise from Debbie A. Miller

  • Tops of dairy bottles from Tech Creamery from John George and other members of the family

  • Copy of notes from program of Ice House Park from Bob Moss

  • CLHS Alumni booklet 2010 and pictures of Hotel Conneaut from Carole Thompson

  • Souvenir Exposition Park plates from Kathleen Moss

  • Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad ruls and map from Swanne Arnold

  • Pictures of Jack Davis, newspaper and Like magazine about JFK assassination and Torch is Passed book from Wilma and John Davis

  • CLP photo directory list of 1976 from John Hainley

July 2023

  • Conneaut Lake Park and Conneaut Lake Centennial memorobalia from Merle Helbig

  • Conneaut Lake Park and Fireman's Beach pictures from Pat Kaider

  • Newspaper from 1958 from Sharon Yoder

  • Yardstick o Black's Furniture from Sherman Allen.

  • Quilts, pictures and a lamb from Gail Fales

  • Three Exposition Park plates from Roger and Judy Janes

  • Dixie Doodler record from Charlie Anderson

  • Certificate of election of David Glenn, commissioner, from Loa Glenn

  • Picture of Liberty and oldest boat at boat show from Mark Swartzlander

June 2023

  • Ice saw from John Nagurney, Esquire; and Carol Myers

  • High Street quilt show scrapbooks from Howard Bradley

  • Model of 1920s Chris Craft boat and life jackets from early days of water skiing from Michael DeVoge

  • Picture of Bob Feligsky of him with big Musky

  • Two pictures of Leach/Gehr family from Francis (Herk) Leach

  • Centennial plate from Karl Boone

  • Aerial picture of Viking Tool from Rita Foust

  • Connie the Otter head and tapes of Conneaut Lake Park from Jerry Smith

  • Pennsylvania Historical Chronicle featuring Crawford County and several old Farmer's Almanacs (1884, 1885 and 1886) and several Conneaut Lake Breezes from the Cecil Stevenson family

  • A 1930 Boy Scout handbook from Mark Crabb

  • Framed painting of view of Pymatuning by Madelene Watson from Bob Hilton

  • Framed painting of guy fishing by Kate Hilton from Bob Hilton

  • Framed painting of Hilton twins by Kate Hilton from Bob Hilton

  • Framed painting of marsh at Hartstown by Madelene Watson from Bob Hilton

May 2023

  • Many different pictures of Virgil Kean's garage from Roberta Alexander

  • High school sports letter from Roberta Alexander

  • Woman's razor from Roberta Alexander

  • Conneaut Lake Park Centennial t-shirt from Roberta Alexander

  • Writing certificate from Robert Alexander

  • Pictures of various parades and play from Artie VanHonk

  • Information and pictures of Conneaut Lake Community Players from Lisa Clarkin Rawson

  • Pictures of Conneaut Lake Community Players from Bob Disko

  • Connie Otter head from Jerry Smith

  • Two Conneaut Lake letter holders from Jerry Smith

  • Conneaut Lake Park tapes from Jerry Smith

  • Picture of Conneaut Lake when it was dammed up from Richard Ackert

  • Conneaut Lake Indians school sweatpants from Betty Arbagast

  • Stable Pit and Pub dishware from Betty Arbagast

  • Four paintings by Kate Hilton and Madeline Watson from Bob Hilton

  • Girl Scout beanie babies from Pat Kaider

  • Conneaut Lake Monopoly game from Alicia Radwick Meader

  • Display case from Wendi Brindle

  • Shirley Temple paper dolls from Roberta Alexander

  • Bonds from Conneaut Lake Company from Joyce Keenan

  • Food chopper and beater from Betty Arbagast

In Kind Donations

February 2024

  • Greg Hindle 

  • Specialty Supply

Monetary Donations


  • Dale Pysher

  • Linda Dilley

  • Rich Roberts

Golf Donors
  • Lakeland Investment 

  • Rose and Waid Funeral Home

  • Hudson Property Management 

  • David Schener

  • Bill Eldridge

  • Bill's Marina

  • Shaffer Financial

  • Triple States Family Auction

  • Ziccardi Builders

  • Giriffin Motors

  • John and Marth Lauffer

  • Susan Kessler

  • Jeff and Kathy Cooper

  • Barbara J Cruises

  • Bruce Nicolls

  • Pitt Agency

  • Richard Cosner

  • Matthew Frye

  • Bill and Deborah Gregg

  • Mary and Tom Donegan

  • Glan A. Moss

  • M.B. and T. E. Littlepage

  • Frederick DePalma

  • Steve and H. G. White

  • Bobbie Moyers

  • Lauren and Michael Ghassibi

February 2024

  • David Harned

  • Skip Holt

  • Bob Hilton

  • Paul and Diana Satolli

  • Karen Jablonski (golf sponsor)

  • Kevin and Barbara White (golf sponsor)

  • Richard and Wilma Marron

  • Ralston's Hardware

January 2024

  • Tracy Saula

  • David Kaulen

December 2023

November 2023

  • Conneaut Lake Lions Club

  • Cris Myers

  • Jeff Hauer

October 2023

  • Jeff Hauer

  • David Harned

  • Paul Mushrush

  • Mary Wood

  • Pat Kaider

  • Janet Mancini

  • Cris and Jane Myers

  • Dave and Jen Mihalyi

  • Carolyn Melby
    Greg Dougherty


September 2023

  • Richard Morron in honor of Kate Hilton

  • Harry and Barbara Henninger

  • John Dabrowski

August 2023

  • Connie Koch

  • Crawford Gives:

  • John and Jody Sperry

  • Bill and Linda DeArment

  • Scott and Joyce Ladner

  • Chuck and Judy Groger

  • Jean Shanley

  • Dale Pysher

  • Marge Weigel

  • Jeff Hauer

  • Emma Ziegler

  • Ginny Trimble

  • Victor and Joan Copozzolo

  • Bill and Deborah Gregg

  • Richard and Sharon Mason

  • Pat Kaider

  • Mike and Jamie Krepps

  • Tricia Deemer

  • Linda Murdock

  • Chandler and Anna Mason

  • Larry and Barbara Wonders

  • Jane Smith


July 2023

  • Jim Ross

  • Dick Harned

  • Dick Holabaugh

  • Conneaut Lake PTO

  • Linda Helch

  • For a complete list of Golf Tournament donations, click here

June 2023

  • Skip Holt

  • Jill Everitt (for golf tournament)

  • Ram Tool (for golf tournament)

  • Lakeview Ford (for golf tournament)

  • We have received numerous sponsor gifts for the upcoming Paddlefest. We will list them as a group after Paddlefest so we don't miss anybody.

May 2023

  • Golf sponsors/donors

    • Gary Hough and Sandra Forrest

    • Kathy and Dave Lynch

    • Judith and Frank Winkle

    • Lou Ann Miller

    • Julia Catalano

    • Monette and Terry Littlepage

    • Bobbie Moyers

    • Rosemary S. Freas and Samel J. Freas

    • Channellock Inc.

    • Lakeside Beer Distributor

    • Lynne and Will Hilton

    • Lee R. Langley

    • Denise Carone

    • Shipton's Carpet Co.

    • Lauren and Michael Ghassibi

    • Ken and Jean Lobsinger

    • Cris and Jane Myers

    • McCandless Ford

April 2023

  • Don and Sharon Gill

  • Golf sponsors/donors

    • Dick Harned

    • C. Sherman Allen

    • Jacquie and Bill Lippert

    • Conneaut Lake Pizza Joe's

    • Bill and Sandy Eldridge

    • Specialty Supply

    • Armstrong

    • CLABA

    • D and R Printing

    • Bob and Kathy Moss

    • Lou Ann Miller

    • Monette and Terry Littlepage

    • Julia Catalano

    • Bobby Moyers

    • Marie Pettibon

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