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Past Donations

Donated Items

November 2022

  • Fairyland Forest sign from Bob Agnew

  • Record album of Conneaut Lake High School Band from Nancy Coleman

  • Navy uniform from John Merriman

October 2022

  • Photo album and other memorabilia from the Gehr family from Herk Leach.

  • Romance novels with Conneaut Lake Park setting and post cards from Karen Spellman.

  • Little fire truck from Kiddieland from Julia Singleton.

  • Fairyland Forest from Barry Dudek

  • Notary seal, Shellito thermometer, Log cabin Menu and button from anonymous.

  • Leather Postcard and match books from Dottie Betts.

August 2022

  • Newspaper clippings from Gail Fales.

July 2022

  • Nixon tie tack and I Like Ike tie tack from Victoria Erwin; 

  • Dishes from the Valentine family.

  • Wooden washing machine, Carol and Jim Herchenroether.

  • Cub scout wallet and various golf shirts, Pat Kaider.

  • Kim Cowden's uniform and a Bible encyclopedia from the Cowden family.

May 2022

  • Set of varsity letters of C L. of Ann Lobins' from Craig Lobins and Tina Lobence 

April 2022

  • Conneaut Lake Park coin sorting machine from Gary Griggs

  • Dixie Doodlers autographed record album from Barb Baum and Tom Mangmann

  • Copy of Harbinger newspaper and various pictures from Carole Lowther Thompson

  • Pictures and other memorabilia from Lucy Pisani.

March 2022

  • A letter written by a Civil War soldier, from the Shontz Memorial Library.

February 2022

  • Teddy bear, Shirley Temple doll and Bible from Barbara Conner.

  • 1960 yearbook from Carole Thompson.

  • Yearbook, pictures, newspaper clippings from Linda Kean Family

  • Book" "The Tub Baths and the Ragman" from Frances Sperry family.

January 2022

  • Numerous posters, clippings and other items from the Judy Hughes Estate

Monetary Donations

December 2022

  • Kathryn Rentz

  • Marge Weigel

November 2022

  • Jay Verno

October 2022

  • Candace Brann

  • Becky Hunter

  • Midway Civic Club

  • Elaine Wertheim

  • Victor and Joan Capozzolo

  • Marci Laderer Thomas

August 2022

  • Jeff Hauer for our Legacy Society .

July 2022

  • Gloria and Alan Wright.

June 2022

  • Betty Arbogast

  • Dave and Kathy Lynch

May 2022

April 2022

  • William and Deb Gregg

  • Dale Pysher for the Snow Waters Legacy Society

March 2022

  • Harry Henninger

  • Ginny Trimble

  • Matthew Frye (for golf tournament)
    Bank of America (for golf tournament)

  • Col. Dave and Janet White

February 2022

  • Deborah Davenport

January 2022

  • Glenn Moss

  • Dick and Jan Williams

  • James and Doris Mushrush

  • Skip Holt

  • L. Scott Barnard

  • Julia Rhubin

  • Karen J. Jablonski (golf outing)

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