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Past Donations

Donated Items

October 2023

  • Kimino set from Japan from the Molke Family

  • High Street Presbyterian Church throw and several yardsticks from Sherman Allen

  • Abacus from Roberta and Darwin Alexander

  • Alumni Association programs from Terri Olah

  • Conneaut Lake arcade game from Jason Pashekargonis

  • Meadville Brewing Co. bottle from Hugh K. Chappell

  • Conneaut Lake Director from 1929, Affable Mr. Shadd book, then and Now Fall 2001 and Lovely Spot, from Bobbie Moyers

  • Scalp "Em Indians pin from Michele Glenn Pennino

  • Fireman's Beach hoodie 

  • Part of a sonar from Bill Houghton

  • Receipt for payment from Claire Waldron

  • School memorabilia and scrapbook of Jjoyce Stevenson from John and Jody Sperry

  • Three bottles found near Huidekoper's from Greg Dougherty

September 2023

  • Large 45-star flag from Jack Kozlowski

  • Number of pictures from Roberta Alexander

August 2023

  • A "Tree of Light" from Wilma and John Davis in memory of sons Kevin and Jack

  • Air Force uniform and other memorabilia of William Kavchak from wife, Elisa Kavchak

  • Conneaut Lake High School band uniforms, pictures and other memorabilia from Donna Keller

  • CLHS cheerleader jacket and banner carrier jacket from Debbie A. Miller

  • Girl Scout uniform of Kathy Parise from Debbie A. Miller

  • Tops of dairy bottles from Tech Creamery from John George and other members of the family

  • Copy of notes from program of Ice House Park from Bob Moss

  • CLHS Alumni booklet 2010 and pictures of Hotel Conneaut from Carole Thompson

  • Souvenir Exposition Park plates from Kathleen Moss

  • Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad ruls and map from Swanne Arnold

  • Pictures of Jack Davis, newspaper and Like magazine about JFK assassination and Torch is Passed book from Wilma and John Davis

  • CLP photo directory list of 1976 from John Hainley

July 2023

  • Conneaut Lake Park and Conneaut Lake Centennial memorobalia from Merle Helbig

  • Conneaut Lake Park and Fireman's Beach pictures from Pat Kaider

  • Newspaper from 1958 from Sharon Yoder

  • Yardstick o Black's Furniture from Sherman Allen.

  • Quilts, pictures and a lamb from Gail Fales

  • Three Exposition Park plates from Roger and Judy Janes

  • Dixie Doodler record from Charlie Anderson

  • Certificate of election of David Glenn, commissioner, from Loa Glenn

  • Picture of Liberty and oldest boat at boat show from Mark Swartzlander

June 2023

  • Ice saw from John Nagurney, Esquire; and Carol Myers

  • High Street quilt show scrapbooks from Howard Bradley

  • Model of 1920s Chris Craft boat and life jackets from early days of water skiing from Michael DeVoge

  • Picture of Bob Feligsky of him with big Musky

  • Two pictures of Leach/Gehr family from Francis (Herk) Leach

  • Centennial plate from Karl Boone

  • Aerial picture of Viking Tool from Rita Foust

  • Connie the Otter head and tapes of Conneaut Lake Park from Jerry Smith

  • Pennsylvania Historical Chronicle featuring Crawford County and several old Farmer's Almanacs (1884, 1885 and 1886) and several Conneaut Lake Breezes from the Cecil Stevenson family

  • A 1930 Boy Scout handbook from Mark Crabb

  • Framed painting of view of Pymatuning by Madelene Watson from Bob Hilton

  • Framed painting of guy fishing by Kate Hilton from Bob Hilton

  • Framed painting of Hilton twins by Kate Hilton from Bob Hilton

  • Framed painting of marsh at Hartstown by Madelene Watson from Bob Hilton

May 2023

  • Many different pictures of Virgil Kean's garage from Roberta Alexander

  • High school sports letter from Roberta Alexander

  • Woman's razor from Roberta Alexander

  • Conneaut Lake Park Centennial t-shirt from Roberta Alexander

  • Writing certificate from Robert Alexander

  • Pictures of various parades and play from Artie VanHonk

  • Information and pictures of Conneaut Lake Community Players from Lisa Clarkin Rawson

  • Pictures of Conneaut Lake Community Players from Bob Disko

  • Connie Otter head from Jerry Smith

  • Two Conneaut Lake letter holders from Jerry Smith

  • Conneaut Lake Park tapes from Jerry Smith

  • Picture of Conneaut Lake when it was dammed up from Richard Ackert

  • Conneaut Lake Indians school sweatpants from Betty Arbagast

  • Stable Pit and Pub dishware from Betty Arbagast

  • Four paintings by Kate Hilton and Madeline Watson from Bob Hilton

  • Girl Scout beanie babies from Pat Kaider

  • Conneaut Lake Monopoly game from Alicia Radwick Meader

  • Display case from Wendi Brindle

  • Shirley Temple paper dolls from Roberta Alexander

  • Bonds from Conneaut Lake Company from Joyce Keenan

  • Food chopper and beater from Betty Arbagast

April 2023

  • Three paintings by Kate Hilton from Bob Hilton

  • One painting by Madeline Watson from Bob Hilton

  • Clippings and post cards from Bob Hilton

  • Post cards and miscellaneous items from Myrtie Lou Manes

  • Parade uniform from Station 5 from Don Betts.

February 2023

  • Several Conneaut Lake Park pictures from Dan and Sue Crandall.

  • Bunch of Conneaut Lake Park pictures and other Conneaut Lake Park memorabilia from an anonymous donor.

  • Some Pennsylvania history books and other booklets from Bobbie Moyers.

January 2023

  • Interactive program showing maps of Conneaut Lake Borough through the years from John and Jody Sperry.

  • A number of yearbooks from Joyce Stevenson.

Monetary Donations

October 2023

  • Jeff Hauer

  • David Harned

  • Paul Mushrush

  • Mary Wood

  • Pat Kaider

  • Janet Mancini

  • Cris and Jane Myers

  • Dave and Jen Mihalyi

  • Carolyn Melby
    Greg Dougherty

August 2023


  • Connie Koch

  • Crawford Gives:

  • John and Jody Sperry

  • Bill and Linda DeArment

  • Scott and Joyce Ladner

  • Chuck and Judy Groger

  • Jean Shanley

  • Dale Pysher

  • Marge Weigel

  • Jeff Hauer

  • Emma Ziegler

  • Ginny Trimble

  • Victor and Joan Copozzolo

  • Bill and Deborah Gregg

  • Richard and Sharon Mason

  • Pat Kaider

  • Mike and Jamie Krepps

  • Tricia Deemer

  • Linda Murdock

  • Chandler and Anna Mason

  • Larry and Barbara Wonders

  • Jane Smith

July 2023


  • Jim Ross

  • Dick Harned

  • Dick Holabaugh

  • Conneaut Lake PTO

  • Linda Helch

  • For a complete list of Golf Tournament donations, click here

June 2023

  • Skip Holt

  • Jill Everitt (for golf tournament)

  • Ram Tool (for golf tournament)

  • Lakeview Ford (for golf tournament)

  • We have received numerous sponsor gifts for the upcoming Paddlefest. We will list them as a group after Paddlefest so we don't miss anybody.

May 2023

  • Golf sponsors/donors

    • Gary Hough and Sandra Forrest

    • Kathy and Dave Lynch

    • Judith and Frank Winkle

    • Lou Ann Miller

    • Julia Catalano

    • Monette and Terry Littlepage

    • Bobbie Moyers

    • Rosemary S. Freas and Samel J. Freas

    • Channellock Inc.

    • Lakeside Beer Distributor

    • Lynne and Will Hilton

    • Lee R. Langley

    • Denise Carone

    • Shipton's Carpet Co.

    • Lauren and Michael Ghassibi

    • Ken and Jean Lobsinger

    • Cris and Jane Myers

    • McCandless Ford

April 2023

  • Don and Sharon Gill

  • Golf sponsors/donors

    • Dick Harned

    • C. Sherman Allen

    • Jacquie and Bill Lippert

    • Conneaut Lake Pizza Joe's

    • Bill and Sandy Eldridge

    • Specialty Supply

    • Armstrong

    • CLABA

    • D and R Printing

    • Bob and Kathy Moss

    • Lou Ann Miller

    • Monette and Terry Littlepage

    • Julia Catalano

    • Bobby Moyers

    • Marie Pettibon

March 2023

  • Mike and Jamie Krepps

  • David Kaulen

  • Golf sponsors/donors

    • Col. (Ret.) David and Mrs. Janet White

    • Bill and Deb Gregg

    • Tom and Mary Donegan

    • Shaffer Financial Inc.

    • Bruce and Cindy Nicolls

    • John O. and Martha Lauffer

February 2023

  • Karen Jablonski, for the golf tournament

  • Col. (Ret.) David and Janet White, for the golf tournament

  • Matthew Frye, for the golf tournament

  • Skip Holt

  • Jan Williams

  • Bob Disko

  • Bill and Deb Gregg

  • Paul and Diana Satolli

  • Deborah Davenport

  • David J. Kaulen

January 2023

  • Glen Moss

  • Debra Davenport

  • Jan Williams

  • Dave and Jan White

December 2022

  • Kathryn Rentz

  • Marge Weigel

September 2023

  • Richard Morron in honor of Kate Hilton

  • Harry and Barbara Henninger

  • John Dabrowski

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