Past Donations

Donated Items

June 2021

  • Year books and other items for Lucy Pisani.

  • A veteran's hat worn by John Leasure Sr., given by his son, John.

May 2021

  • Iroquois Hotel Register book from Don and Ginny Burchfield

  • Bottle lid from Tech Dairy Products from John George

  • 1932 Bill of Sale from Foust Sand and Gravel to Sadsbury Township from the Foust Family

  • Ice tongs from Mary Anne Miller

April 2021

  • Yearbooks and business items from Bill Rhodes

March 2021

  • Three duck pins from the former bowling alley at Conneaut Lake Park by the Park's New Owners

  • Hundreds of paper items and posters from Conneaut Lake Park by the Park's New Owners

  • Picture of Hotel Conneaut by Bob Stell Estate

  • Picture of Dreamland Ballroom and the trolley station by Bob Stell Estate

  • Picture of a Crow Indian by Bob Stell Estate

  • Postcard of ducks walking on back of fish at Pymatuning Lake by Bob Stell Estate

January 2021

  • Fairyland Forest Items by Kevin Yost

December 2020

  • Fairyland Forest Plate by Kevin Yost

November 2020

  • 4-H Jacket by Kathy King

  • A Conneaut Lake High School Football Towel  by JoAnn Elwell

October 2020

  • Conneaut Lake Park items by Mike Costello

  • Pictures of family memories at Sunset View Motel by Rose Friday

  • Postcards of Conneaut Lake Park by Rose Friday

September 2020

  • Several scrapbooks of the late Syb Williams by Her Family

August 2020

  • Original Moss Co. sign from 1925 by Bob and Kathy Moss

  • Postcard of midway signs at Conneaut Lake Park by Joyce Minnis

  • Yearbooks by Vivian Bauer Family

  • Foamboard display highlighting career of Steve White, Conneaut Lake Area High School grad by Dave White

  • Picture of former Wayside Inn by (No name on donation)

  • Office chair and surgery tools from office of Dr. William Marshall, physician who had practice in Geneva by Dick and Jan Williams

July 2020

  • Surgical Tools and Office Chair of Dr. William J. Marshall by Dick and Jan Williams

Monetary Donations

June 2021

  • Col. (Ret.) David and Janet Mead

  • Dan and Kathy Gilligan

  • Matey and Margaret Yalch

  • Darryl Jones

  • Lynne C. and Will R. Hilton

April 2021

  • Harry Henninger

  • John Leasure

  • Betty Arbogast

  • Bobcat Alliance (for golf tournament)

  • Channellock (for golf tournament)

  • Bush Investment (for golf tournament)

  • Matt Frye (golf tournament)

  • Col. (Ret.) Dave White (golf tournament)

  • Bank of America (golf tournament)

March 2021

  • Jeremy Burgo

February 2021

  • Matthew Frye (For Golf Outing)

  • Paul and Patricia Satolli

  • Beverly Hart

  • August and Patricia Spagnolo

January 2021

  • Katherine Rentz

  • John Harned

  • Col. (Ret) John White

December 2020

  • Dick Williams

  • Glenn Moss

November 2020

  • Dodie Gagen

October 2020

  • E. J. Kleckner

  • William Gregg

  • August and Pat Spagnolo

  • David and Janet White

  • Steve and Hilda White

  • Matthew Frye

  • M.B. Little Page

  • Kathleen Denton

  • Gary Vogan

  • Karen and Marci Lynn Montague

  • Cindy and Bruce Nicolis

  • Jeffrey and Kathy Cooper

  • Samuel and Rosemary Freas

  • Jean Lobsinger

  • Crossroads (Jim Miller)

  • Kevin White

  • John White

  • Kathy and Robert Moss

  • Sue Kessler

  • Chris Myers

  • William and Sandy Eldridge

  • Navigation Company

  • Patricia Kaider

  • Shipton's Carpet Co.

  • Frank Winkle

  • Lakeview Ford

  • John Leasure

  • Conneaut Lake Notary Inc.

  • Rich and Carol Osborn

  • Rick Walter

  • Dick and Jan Williams

  • Tom and Mary Donegan

  • Melody Sherry

  • Centerline Collision

  • R.K. Fine Foods LLC

  • Glen Moss

  • Darlene Cutter

  • Barbara Moyers

  • Rodger Nydes

  • Luty Family

  • Carol's Cuts

  • James Douglas

  • Marquette Savings

  • Nancy O'Neill

  • Specialty Supply

  • James Donegan

  • Bonnie Smith

  • Patricia Tymochko

  • Donald Cadman

  • Gary Baker

  • Donald Burchfield

  • Charles Groger Jr.

  • Bank of America

  • James Britton

  • Erie Bank

  • Darwin and Roberta Alexander

  • Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau

August 2020

  • William Gregg

  • Emma Lou Ziegler

  • Ginny Trimble

  • Crawford Cares donations:

    • John and Jody Sperry

    • William and Linda DeArment

    • Marge Weigel

    • Richard and Janet Ashe

    • William and Rita Foust

    • Sharon Marr

    • Dale Pysher

    • Rich and Sharon Mason John Guffy Jacquie Lippert Dr. Chris and Charlotte Thomas Domenic and Patricia DiMucci The Ruttenberg Family Karen Styborski Jane Smith Anonymous