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A new book, "Summer Solstice," by Jeanette Curry is now available at the museum and on-line in our gift shop.

Jeanette is a 1968 graduate of Conneaut Lake Area High School.

The book is a fiction romance novel with a bit of intrigue, history and pickle ball hints all wrapped into this delightful story.

The book starts with a woman receiving notice she has been left a gray cottage at Conneaut Lake, Pa., by her father, who she never knew. She leaves her southern home to travel to Conneaut Lake to check out this cottage (which is located a block from the Iroquois Club on the east side) and meet a half-brother she never knew she had. She had lots of questions to have answered. Why did a father who never acknowledged in his life leave her this cottage? Would her half-brother accept her? If she moved  to Conneaut Lake, would the town accept her? And more. Upon arriving in Conneaut Lake, she discovers her father was a wealthy man who owned lots of property and was well known in the community. Included in the property he owns is the former Conneaut Lake Park.

The novel -- all fiction -- includes many references to local places and is an easy read.

Summer Solstice

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