Our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the Sportsman's Club in Conneaut Lake. (Click below for directions).  It is open to public free of charge. Hall is handicapped accessible and smoke free. Refreshments will follow the program. 

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June 21st - The Boats of Conneaut Lake

Presented by Erik, Bob and Frank Miklos

The Conneaut Lake Life for the Miklos brothers focused on knowing all of the wooden boats (and their building techniques) on the lake.  They are still at it!

July 19th - History of the Iroquois Club

Presented by Judd Hunter

The Iroquois Hunting and Fishing Club was for men only in its founding in 1887.  Wives were admitted only to the “Ladies Lounge” on certain occasions.  The original building was destroyed by fire in 1928, but members built a new one.  To this day members continue to enjoy boating as well as beautiful dining facilities.

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August 18th - Watering Holes Around Conneaut Lake

Presented by Bob Hilton

Someone once claimed that in a trip around Conneaut Lake, you’d encounter 26 bars.  Over the years, many have come and gone, names have been changed, but the stories remain

September 20th - History of Fireman's Beach

Presented by Terry Olah

The property on which Fireman’s Beach is located was part of the proposed settlement laid out and supported by John Alden, which he named Aldenia, hence the name Aldena Drive.  Learn about how it has evolved through the years and is enjoyed as a beautiful public beach and recreation spot.

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October 18th - "Greater Atlantic and North West Railroad"

Presented by Peter Gifford

This program is based on the book, which was originally written by Meadville’s William Reynolds (of the Baldwin-Reynolds Home in Meadville). The current edition (2002) was edited by Peter Gifford, retired as Systems Manager of Administrative Computing Services at Allegheny College, and Robert D. Ilisevich, retired after 34 years of teaching American History at Alliance College in Cambridge Springs. He was also Historian and Librarian for the Crawford County Historical Society.

November 15th - "The Century Club"

Presented by Julia Luty Catalano and Diane Shaffer Domnick

The Club’s Members are the buildings within the area of the Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society which are 100 years old or more.  They may be homes, barns or commercial buildings, all of which have not been significantly altered.  Julia is an RN by profession, a Past President of the CLAHS and a lifelong resident of Conneaut Lake.  Diane has a PhD in Architectural History and is a member of SAH, Society of Architectural Historians.  She is also a CLAHS Board Member.

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Directions to the Sportsman's Club