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Special Plaques & Advertisements

Special Plaques

Want a special way to remember or to honor somebody special?  The society has a program to do that.  We have specially made plaques you can purchase.  They are inscribed with your message and then placed on a special display board in the vestibule of the museum as a lasting remembrance.

Plaques are $25 and include three lines of text. 

  • If purchasing a Memorial Plaque, please include the name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death. If he or she served in the Armed Services, please list which branch of the service and the dates of service.

  • Honor Plaques are given to honor somebody. The plaque can simply read the person's name. Or it can include a brief description. For example, we have those given in honor of a couple for their 50th anniversary.


To order one, please send a check and the text desired to

Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society
P.O. Box 425
Conneaut Lake, PA, 16316

When orders are received, members of the families are notified of the gift.

We have an annual dedication service in the early fall to dedicate the plaques.  The service is open to the public and special invitations are sent to the donors as well as the families of those honored.

More information: Call Jane Smith, 814-337-6377 or email at:

Click here to download a Plaque Order Form.

Advertisements Available

In addition to the monetary donations, businesses can advertise in our newsletter, which currently is sent out three times a year.

Advertisements the size of a business card are $10 a newsletter or $25 for all three newsletters. If you only want your ad in one newsletter, please mark which one -- May, September or January.


If wishing to purchase an ad, send a check and a copy of the text desired or a business card to

Conneaut Lake Area Historical Society
P.O. Box 425
Conneaut Lake, PA., 16316

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